La Verne Grant Application

    The City of La Verne has partnered with the La Verne Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) to develop a Small Business Rescue Grant Program, funded through the American Rescue Program Act to provide vital economic support to small businesses needing assistance as a result of business interruption caused by COVID-19.
    Small businesses negatively affected by COVID-19 may be eligible to receive a working capital grant of up to $10,000. The grant may be used for business operating expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19, such as social distancing or for operating expenses such as rent/mortgage, payroll and benefit costs, utility expenses, etc.


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    The La Verne Small Business Rescue Grant is intended to cover fixed expenses specifically associated with losses and hardships endured during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please check all of the below boxes that apply to your business:*


    The City would appreciate you taking a moment to provide some basic demographic information to help us understand our business community and tailor future programs and services to local interests.

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    *Façade Improvements must be in a public facing area (for visual improvements), outdoor operations must be for public- consumer gathering areas.
    **Hiring Bonus is made to employee for employers who have had a difficult time attracting new employees. The bonus should be given after 6 months of employment. Capped at $1,500 per employee.


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    The City reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion at any time: (1) to amend or terminate this program with no recourse for any proposing applicant; (2) to choose or reject any or all applications received in response to this program; (3) to request additional information of the applicants as deemed necessary and appropriate by the City; (4) to conduct further due diligence with applicants or any third party; (5) to modify the City's objectives or the scope of the program; (6) to modify program requirements, general terms and conditions, or eligible activities; and/or (7) to disqualify any proposing applicant on the basis of any real or perceived conflict of interest that is disclosed or revealed by materials submitted or by any data available to the City. By submission of this application with documentation, applicant agrees to these terms.





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