Leadership La Verne

The goal of Leadership La Verne is to develop the next generation of active leaders for La Verne. Decision-makers of local businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and universities participate in a 9 month program devoted to key regional issues at locations throughout La Verne. Graduates of Leadership La Verne go on to contribute to La Verne’s economic and cultural vitality.


Selected leaders participate in 9 full-day sessions, which include:


Orientation  – focuses on the goals of Leadership La Verne and the La Verne Chamber of Commerce. The class becomes acquainted with important landmarks throughout the City of La Verne and analyzes different styles of leadership.


Government  – focuses on the governance structure of the city, county, and state. The class learns about the diversity of operations and the challenges and opportunities in participating in the civic process.


Public Safety  – focuses on the roles of city police and fire departments in responding to service calls and emergencies. The class explores the benefits and challenges in public safety at the municipal level.


Non-Profit  – focuses on the role of government and non-profits and how those two interact to address the needs of the community.


Arts, History, & Culture  – focuses on the current initiatives of the city’s arts and culture community. The class explores the economic potential and existing programs in La Verne.


Health Care  – focuses on the services available in the event of an emergency. The class discusses the current healthcare crisis facing the region and develops an understanding of shared responsibilities.


Education  – focuses on the successes and challenges in creating and maintaining an education system of maximum effectiveness in the City of La Verne. The class meets with education leaders and assesses a variety of programs that develop La Verne’s future workforce.


Small Business  – focuses on the region’s economic forecast and initiatives in fostering a sustainable economy. The class meets with economic development leaders and small business owners to discuss current initiatives and programs.


Public Works  – focuses on how the City manages it’s major assets and infrastructure such as the streets, buildings, parks, and other public facilities in a cohesive and integrated effort from design, construction, and ongoing maintenance services.


This is a tentative agenda, subject to change.

Classes scheduled to begin October 2024